Новостная подборка от 15.08.2016

Добрый день, дорогие друзья! Подборка англоязычных статей из мира проксимити маркетинге за прошедшую неделю:

1) Beacons At Retail To Be Felt Well After Shoppers Leave The Store:

2) The future for retail is all about getting personal. 'Personalisation' is a ubiquitous term in the retail industry and one which poses as many challenges for retailers as it does opportunities:

3) Mobile Programmatic Ad Growth Propelled By Geotargeting. But it's not for targeting in the moment, but rather for building more distinct and contextual audience segments:

4) What Will Retail Look Like In 2020:

5) Brick-and-mortar retail tech: Through the shopper's lens. There are many hot new technologies in the world of retail, from beacons to mobile wallets, but which are likely to drive business for your store:

6) The Case for the American Mall. Malls aren't dying. They're changing:

7) Hugo Boss teams with Uber for VIP omni-channel push. Hugo Boss is working with Uber to create a digitally-enabled omni-channel VIP experience for high end clients:

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